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Welcome to Magie-Mabrey Eye Clinic, your center for professional, courteous, and technologically advanced eye care. Our team of doctors and staff are dedicated to providing a superior health care experience to you in a comfortable environment. Whether your needs range from general eyecare to medical and surgical treatments of the eye, our group of specialists have a solution for your individual needs. We have been providing care to central Arkansas for over 30 years.

Retinal Evaluation and Surgery

We have the expertise to diagnose and manage all of your retinal problems. Whether the treatment requires surgery, or just medical management, our team of doctors will work to improve and maintain your vision. We offer the latest advances in treatment of all types of retinal diseases.

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Cataract Surgery

Wondering if cataracts are the cause of your blurry vision? Cataracts occur when the clear lens within your eye becomes cloudy. Symptoms include blurry vision, glare, or loss of vivid object detail. Our team of doctors is experienced at diagnosing and treating cataracts.

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